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Cub Scout Pack 134
(Douglas, Massachusetts)
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 What to expect from the Douglas Cub Scout Program:
The uniqueness of Cub Scouting is that you, as his family, join the program with your son. You will help him along the way. The family is the basis of the Cub Scout program. Cub Scouts exists to support your family and help enrich your family activities. Boys have a different handbook at each grade level with suggested activities that are age-appropriate for their developmental level. As boys “advance” through these books by working on activities with their family, they will earn badges and other recognition which may be worn on their Cub Scout uniform. Your son’s success in Cub Scouting depends on you!

When your son joins the Douglas Cub Scouts, he will be assigned to a den based on the grade he is in.  The den will meet usually meet two to three times during the month to work toward their advancement through the program.  Your son's den is part of Pack 134. 

All dens from grade one through five make up the “pack.” Once a month, all dens meet together at the pack meeting, a family event which gives boys an opportunity  to be  recognized for the badges they have earned and enjoy scouting activities.  Some of the Pack meetings to look forward to are the Halloween Party in October and the Pinewood Derby in February. There is a Christmas party in December and the Cub Scouts march in Douglas Memorial Day parade.  All family members are always welcome and siblings are always invited to participate in the Pack meeting activities.  Pack meetings are for the cub scout to
enjoy with his fellow scouts along with his family.  We understand families and children have busy schedules and we work with families to balance academics, sports and scouting.